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Morgenstern Myopia Report - Instructions


  1. While in the Myopia Master program, head to the settings icon on the left navigation bar.
  2. In the settings menu, click on “Third-party export”.
  3. In the third-party export section, click the + icon.
  4. Once you added a third-party export, click the edit pencil icon to add the Morgenstern Myopia Report information.
  5. Under “Export Mode”, select “File Export”.
    • Make sure “Anonymize patient name” and “Start application after export” is unchecked.
  6. Click “Pick Folder” under “Export file path” and create or select a folder you would like your patient’s information to be saved to. Your third-party setup screen should look like this.
  7. Hit “Save”.
  8. While in a patient’s exam, you can now hit “SHARE DATA” and select “Morgenstern Myopia Report” then hit “Submit”
  9. While on the Morgenstern Myopia Report Import page, either drag and drop your new patient “exportData.json” file, or hit “Browse Files” to find the new folder you created in step 7.

From this point on, all you need to do is export your patient’s data in Myopia Master, head to the Morgenstern Myopia Report Import page and select “Browse Files”. Your newest file will always be in your preselected folder.

Video Walkthrough